Folysucralose sweetener Fine granular 100 times

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    10g=1kg sugar

    About Product:

    Sweeteners is a substance used to sweeten food or drink, especially one other than sugar. Our Sweeteners are sugar substitute & specially designed for Industrial use only. Sweetener has zero calorie substitute which are suitable to all age group.

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    Low Calories Sweeteners

    This Sweetener is for industrial purposes.

    Sweeteners can be used with combination of different volumes of sugar to enhance taste and reduce cost.
    Weight Control is one of the additional benefit of Sweetener.
    Possible health benefits of artificial sweeteners.
    Artificial sweeteners don't contribute to tooth decay and cavities.

    QUALITY FLAVOR (Pvt) Ltd. is a smarter choice for low calorie sweeteners consumers.


    1KG of 100times Sweetener is equal to the sweetness of 100KG Sugar.

    The Packing Size is 25KG (Bag)

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