Blue Berry Flavor Concentrate

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    Quality Flavors Pvt Ltd
    Brings you a unique and tremendous line of water-soluble & multi-purpose
    We always deliver a superior compound. 
    Enjoy the extensive aroma and extraordinary taste of our product

    Purple Color.

    For 1 Liter Flavor Drink.

    1. Blueberry Flavor Concentrate – 8.33 gm.

    2. Sodium Benzoate  - 0.15 gm.

    3. Sugar – 130 gm.

    4. Water up to 1Liter (in a way that final volume should be 1 Liter).

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    Odoo • Image and Text

    Ease in use:

    Don’t need any special technical skills for the manufacturing of this product. The user just needs to add Sugar, Water & Sodium Benzoate (As per the recommended recipe) for the final product.

    Enjoy the everlasting taste of BLUEBERRY in your DRINK.


    Flavor Drink

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