Chicken Taste powder

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    This Powdered chicken flavors does not contain any extra seasoning, its characteristics aroma of  chicken makes it perfect to use as a base in custom blends.

    Chicken taste powder made from these Ingredients:

            1:- Natural Minerals

            2:- Natural Spices

            3:- Natural Vegetables

            4:- Natural Colors

            5:- Natural Essential Colors

            6:- Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid E330)

            7:- Anti Caking Agent

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    Creamy white to pale yellow powder. Color may vary according to change in climate.


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    Company Profile

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      Company Information  

      Established in 2008, At Quality Flavors (Pvt)
      Ltd, We produce an extensive line of 
      sophisticated and high quality flavors,
      fragrances, Pre-Mixes, & ingredients.
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    We provide our services to manufacturers of Beverage, Juice, candy, toffee, biscuit, ice cream, milk, health Food, medicine, soaps, detergents & cosmetics. We also provide technical assistance free of cost.
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    Ware House:

    We have 6 production Lines, 1 Research and development laboratory & 2 application laboratories to provide consistent high quality products every time.

    About Us

    At Quality Flavors, we produce an Extensive line of sophisticated and High-Quality Flavors, Flavoring Systems,Fragrances & ingredients. Our state of the art factory is located in Lahore city,the Business hub of Pakistan. We have production Lines, Research and Development centers application Laboratories to provide innovative,stable & distinctive flavors &ingredients on persistent basis. We provide Our services to manufacturers of Beverage, Juice, Candy, Toffee, Biscuit,Ice-Cream, Flavored Milk, Health Food,Medicine, Soap, Detergent & Cosmetics.Our technical experts can provide guidance in developing innovative products at your production facility.
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    Why Choose Us

    We are passionate about our work.Your success is our success. We want your business to thrive and flourish and our goal is to help you take your Business to the next level. From dynamic Flavors range to ingredients pre-mixes.Our main goal is to help you achieve the goals set for your disorganization so that you can enjoy your favorite customer. According to your needs, our services will help you to get your customer’s smile.