با طعم های غذایی ما حس و طعم بی نظیری ایجاد کنید. طعم های غذایی ما همه چیز در مورد بهترین طبیعت ، امکانات تولیدی خود ، ابتکاری ترین فن آوری ها ، دانش جهانی در مورد ترجیحات منطقه ای و جدیدترین روندهای غذایی و نوشیدنی است.
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We develop and formulate every kind of fragrances and perfume oils for domestic and industrial use.We have vast range of Fruity, Citrus, Herbal, Green, Woody, Fancy, Milky, Creamy, and Flowery.Our especially formulated fragrances are widely used in cosmetics, laundry soap and detergents, dish bar and liquid, hand wash, phenyl, cleaners, Paint, herbal soap, beauty soap, leather and textile industries


All in one system for juices having natural content, need to add sugar only.
Resultant juice will have 10% Fruit Content and 10% Brix.

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Low-calorie sweeteners  are sugar substitute that contain few to zero calories but have a higher intensity of sweetness.
They can considerably reduce or completely eliminate the calories in certain products such as diet beverages, and it is also reduce the cost of food production.


Seasoning are blend of spices, vegetables, fruits, minerals and extracts, to achieve optimum taste.Quality Flavors offers its customers in the food and snacks industry a wide range of top quality ingredients.
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Batter & Breaders to maximize product yield, while delivering flavors & textural differences.
Coatings can be liquid or particulate, and can be used for a range of purposes
it will deliver a complete coating system, supported by industry-leading expertise in
coating applications, processing and taste.

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Contain natural fruit content & sweetness, It can be added for taste, sweetness & appearance. We specially formulate our syrup to blend quickly and easily in food & beverages to ensure professional results

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Oleoresins are natural extract for full rich taste of named fruits, vegetables, or spices.Transforming raw spices into easy-to-use and economic extracts is an art perfected by QUALITY FLAVORS (PVT) Ltd.

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Our Preservatives Pre-Mixes are the result of combining, the most innovative technologies in our own processing facilities  in Pre-Mixes creation.

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ما همیشه علاقه مند به شنیدن احساس طعم جدید بودیم.
از فرم درخواست طعم ما استفاده کنید تا در مورد هر نوع طعم جدیدی که می خواهید طعم کیفیت را برای تولید در نظر بگیرید ، به ما اطلاع دهید.

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